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Hola. My name is Jauretsi, pronounced /ha-ret-see/.

I am a voracious content creator and culture builder through editorial. What does this mean exactly? In todays saturated market, building an authentic culture is essential to developing a loyal customer base. My particular strength is building this culture through editorial and digital strategy. The proper mix of articles, events, initiatives, newsletters, and social media strategies — all working in harmony — constructs a cohesive brand culture and consequently, engaged customers.

I don’t believe in starting a blog for blogs sake. Each article should be entertaining, as well as meet company objectives. With proper foresight and planning, I can help you build an editorial and social calendar with the goal of increased traffic, driving revenue, and building database, all while consistently developing community. Think of me as your Editor-in-Chief for your Content Marketing Plan, working across different teams to build one consolidated voice.    

About me. I have been in the media game for 25 years, starting in the Print industry with Senior positions at Paper, Details, and Jane Magazine, the latter serving as Entertainment Editor, which means I talent booked celebrity covers and inside columns, while interviewing and writing several of those pieces. Talent booking is one of my favourite skillsets, from nabbing A-list covers to the art form of forecasting rising names. At Paper and Details magazine, I was their Director of Events, working closely with each advertiser to host ground breaking programs via live events — including Oscar Week, Skate/Snowboard conferences, Fashion Weeks, Art weeks, and Music Festivals.

When Print magazines evolved into New Media, I surfed that wave joyfully as a digital nomad, serving clients including New York Times’ T Magazine, LVMH’s Nowness, The Last Magazine, and Vanity Fair Agenda. I enjoy building teams and vision, spearheading launches for eBay’s The Inside Source (Editor-in-Chief), The Standard Hotel Culture (Editor-in-Chief), and Pharrell Williams I AM OTHER channel (Director of Production & Development), each website armed with a heavy social media eco-system. 

The Inside Source gives eBay new life in Content Marketing. The tips and trends the blog provides alone are enough to keep readers coming back.” — On eBay’s culture website, by Lonely Brand

On a personal note, I am a proud Cuban-American specializing in producing projects in Cuba, handling all logistics from location permits to equipment rental and local teams. I like to tell important stories from the motherland, which include Directing duties on East of Havana (on Cuba’s Hip Hop scene) and Quest For Cuba (on Questlove’s visit to Havana), as well as acting as Story Producer for Give Me Future (on Major Lazer’s landmark concert in Havana). I also hosted a radio show airing out of Soho New York for Miss Lily’s, focused on playing Latin Funk, Cuban classics, with some coffee chat on all things new Cuba. 

“East of Havana is the real deal” – On the doc, New York Times

A bilingual producer for Spanish/English, I have consulted on numerous projects — TV/Film, Journalism, Brands — that are filmed in Cuba for companies that include Showtime, Billabong, Netflix, Matador Films, Conde Nast, Bloomingdales, and Vox network. With an eye for Latin content, shared through the prism of my Cuban heritage, I continue to highlight game-changers of Cuban culture on my blog, Havana 3am.

Currently, I am based out California, pursuing freelance work, or a new bigger challenge. Please email me at to open a conversation about how I can help enhance your business through content writing or digital strategy. I am always available to create articles, interviews, trend pieces, or general copywriting.

ON THE STANDARD CULTURE WEBSITE: “While it seems that companies right and left have been launching their own blogs, The Standard has genuinely formed a culture site which not just chronicles the regular glamour and debauchery of the hotel’s inhabitants, but also genuinely provides a service to those looking to find out about new and interesting innovations…. the true irony is that they’ve actually managed to do a better job providing cultural access than many established magazines and outlets… In truth, they are perhaps setting a template for what an organization is able to offer, one that few have been quick to pick up on” – by PSFK Research & Trends Intelligence

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