Tropix Media & Cubaness

Tropix is a multimedia company focused on creating, developing, producing and distributing compelling content based on the Cuban experience with a central mission of restoring the national archives of Cuba.

Cubaness is the Editorial arm owned by Tropix Media. Cubaness is a robust cultural guide highlighting culinary, music, arts, and culture. The project was birthed under the era of restored relations between Cuba and United States.


• Launched the first independent archival company in Cuba owned by foreign entity.

• Developed strategic partnership with Global Production Network, thereby increasing client pitches by 80%.

• Implemented standard operating procedures for both the digital magazine and production arm of the company. 

• Recruited local production team which offered a global gold standard of production coming out of Cuba.

• Recruited creative team for Cubaness, an editorial website covering Cuban arts, culture, sports, and culinary. 

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