Naomi Watts | Jane Mag

Many moons ago, I had begun my career in Print publishing, which included some time at JANE Magazine, under Fairchild publications. My role was Entertainment Editor, which meant I booked all the celebrity covers, as well as curated and secured all the actors for inside columns. Sometimes, I got to interview a few myself.

JANE was seen as the older sister to SASSY magazine (by the same founder, Jane Pratt), and somehow, we felt like the little sister of W Magazine, whom we shared the same floor in the Fairchild offices. We also shared the same Art Director, Eddie Leida, who gave us our visual identity. JANE launched in September 1997; the final issue was dated August 2007 (more info on JANE).

Here is just one cover story I penned as well as Talent Booked. Since none of these relics can be found online anymore. Luckily, these vintage issues can still be traced through eBay. It’s a digital world now.

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