This is the most talked about video this month. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a minute to watch, reflect, and be moved. It’s powerful, shocking, and silencing. I won’t say too much about it since I feel you have to sit through the whole narrative to soak it in.

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

MIA seems to have created a social media earthquake with this video. In essence, YouTube refused to play it on their site. In a fit of rage, MIA lashed at her label, Universal Music Group. She wrote on her Twitter, “FUCK UMG WHO WONT SHOW IT ON YOUTUBE! FOR THE U.S >>>>>>WATCH HERE”. After the blow up, a little later she wrote, “OK NOT UMG FAULT!” — weird.

The issues of genocide are deep. Art is a way to put a mirror up against it. If it takes a stab at your emotions and freaks people out, it should. This is what art is meant to do.

Regardless of which outlet will choose to play it, the video is currently playing on MIA’s personal website —

Credits include:

Director : Romain Gavras
Director of Photography : André Chemetoff
Producer : Mourad Belkeddar
Production company :
Executive Production : Gaetan Rousseau / Paradoxal
Special thanks to Lana & Melissa from The Director’s Bureau