Betty White is a badass. Jimmy Fallon earned huge brownie points for resurrecting this GEM of a woman through a Facebook campaign. Betty says she didn’t even know what Facebook was — “yes, we had poking”, says the 88 year old, “but it wasnt something you did on a computer, it was something you did on a hayride”

As Gen X’er, I saw Betty on TV my whoooole childhood — Mary Tyler Moore show, Love Boat, Sonny & Cher Show, Hollywood Squares, Golden Girls, etc, etc, etc. It’s funny because no matter what age I was, this woman really intrigued me. Sure, she had that granny look, but she also knew how to deliver her lines with that little “dirty bird” twinkle in her eye. She was awesome and devious… and one of the golden women of TV comedy. Last night she shined on stage in New York in front a live studio audience. I can’t remember the last time I laughed through every skit watching Saturday Night Live.

To all the 20-something readers on this blog, watch this entire 46 minute episode of Saturday Night Live which aired last night (on the eve of Mothers Day) to see comedy done the right way by an “old schooler”.

“Jay Z is here tonight” screams out Betty announcing the musical guest. “If I had a dime for every time I said that, I’d have a whole dime” laughs Betty when she killed it on the opening monologue… standing before a 21st century audience being re-introduced to her all over again.