Jon Rose is a badass. He’s also a friend, pro surfer, and free spirit who wanders the planet with a heart of gold. When the earthquake hit Haiti, he hopped a flight to the island and not only distributed 9,000 water filters with some friends, but they carefully schooled each local how to create clean water

Jon was (and continues to be) heavily involved in the relief efforts in Haiti. Him and an activist crew visited the grief stricken land and taught villages how to create clean water from rain and successfully distributed tons of filters. Jon’s journals spoke of handling mob scenes all fighting for the most basic of elements to survive. I used to read his secret communique emails when the disaster first hit just to get a play-by-play of this amazing program. I commend him and his friends for truly making a difference (as corny as that sounds) on day to day basis throughout 3 different journeys they took down there. This translated to well over 100,000 people now with access to clean water.

(Jon Rose with Locals)

Jon is returning to Haiti again this week, where unfortunately, the problem is still VERY real. He is returning with scientific and developmental specialists to help gather data, and determine the impact the 9,000 filters have had so far.

His travels to Haiti in the next 3 weeks will be documented on the website Waves For Water, a surf collective of industry peers aiming to provide clean water to countries around the world. If you just want to take a peek at these water filters and how easy it is to put together, check out the little video of Jon assembling a water filter. So spread the word. Donations are accepted at the site too.

Hit Waves for Water Twitter Page for immediate updates.