According to AP, the biggest national news agency in China, China Xinhua News Network Corp, will set a global launch of its news network, with English language television. Apparently, the Chinese government seriously disapproves of the international coverage on human rights. Chinese authorities claim international media outlets are biased and focus on “the negative”.

This January, Xinhua already began broadcasting in Chinese to select European countries and Asia. Last year, CCTV reached 300 million people by broadcasting their 24 hour channel in 22 Arabic-speaking countries.

On May 1, 2010, China Xinhua News Network will be testing trial broadcasts of its English 24/7 channel, with an official launch date set for July 1st. The exact countries receiving this signal will be announced soon, but make no mistake, this is a global attempt for the Chinese authorities to expand the government’s media influence and agenda worldwide.

It’s bad enough we got Fox news to swallow. Now we gotta sift through more propaganda… although I must say, sometimes hearing the other side (or attempted logic) fascinates me, and is a good education one way or another on how the State controls its news. Plus there will be other interesting features, lifestyle stories, and breaking news alerts, so overall, watching this network can be as eye-opening as you want it to be in terms of educating yourself on the culture. Let’s see if this channel reaches the states.