Gillian Jacobs in an actress that has percolated slowly onto the scene and is someone I interviewed in 2008 with a few indie films under her belt. Today, she’s starring in the new Netflix series, Love.

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Gillian Jacobs
Written by: Jauretsi
Photo: Paola Kudacki

My name is Cherry Daiquiri,” says the stealth blonde stripper writhing on a bar in the first twenty seconds of the trailer for Choke, which also stars Sam Rockwell and Anjelica Houston. American actress Gillian Jacobs is almost nude in five-inch heels when she pauses, bends down, looks her client straight in the eyes, and informs him with a twinkle, “It’s not my real name.”

We got hold of Jacobs one day in New York to ask about her actual porn name. “Bubbles Sunnyhill,” she says with a laugh. Her childhood goldfish was called Bubbles and the street, Sunnyhill, was just outside of Pittsburgh, in an upper middle class suburb called Mount Lebanon. “My parents moved there because of the public school system,” she explains, citing a stellar high school education. “It was really important for them that I do well academically.” And so began the journey of a very complex and very stunning young lady.

Jacobs is low-key, cerebral, and very particular about the information she chooses to absorb. Google will tell you nothing about her. Maybe it’ll tip you off to her Wikipedia page, which describes her simply as an “American stage and film actress,” highlighting her hybrid career thus far. Her tastes were chiseled at an early age. It was 1993 and Jacobs remembers twirling out of her local mall as a kid after seeing Much Ado About Nothing. She was spitting out fake iambic pentameter lines and fantasizing she was Emma Thompson. She was hooked, a pure Shakespearian junkie. Katharine Hepburn was another obsession. “I fell in love with these feisty, literate, intelligent women,” she says.

Read the full article at The Last Magazine:

Props to the shows Creator, Lesly Arfin a downtown New York homegirl who we’ve all been rooting for since her first book Dear Diary (2007), published in 2007. Her writing voice is a predecessor to this female, ballsy, sexual, wild, and awkward tone continued by Lena Dunham.

Her husband, Paul Rust, is a co-Creator of Love with Judd Apotow. Rust also stars as one of the leads. All eyes are on this awesome cast too. Vogue describe the series:

“Love follows Gus, a nerdy tutor and aspiring screenwriter, and Mickey, a wild-child radio-show producer with a complicated relationship to substances, in their journey from total strangers to tentative romantic partners. But that arc is just a prelude to the show’s real undertaking: a darkly humorous look at a long-term relationship through all its peaks and troughs, with none of the typical Hollywood gloss”. (Vogue)

Anyways, back to the old article on Gillian. Although I published it 8 years ago, I’m bringing it back in honor of Gillian Jacobs light, burning brighter than ever. Work it, ladies!

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