Tumblr is one of the social channels I tend to enjoy most. I’ve been working on eBay’s Tumblr for the last 3 years, and I find it quite meditative spending late evenings sifting through eBay’s closet in order to find that right product to enhance their storyline. The trick is not only to find a sharp product (this is easy to find on eBay), but also a sharp image. I’ve kept it a healthy mix of vintage one-of-a-kind gems, to spanking new products (most people don’t realize that more than half of eBay’s products are not vintage, but rather new products).

Upon first working on it, the eBay Tumblr was named The Inside Source. Eventually, it was just rebranded as simply, the eBay Tumblr. Pure and simple.


In any case, the eBay’s Tumblr has been getting lots of love. The latest is a review by eConsultancy.com, listing it as one of “12 Terrific Tumblr’s for Brand Inspiration” and writes that “The Inside Source is an excellent lifestyle blog, looking at interesting eBay user’s equally interesting items for sale”. They continue: “The Tumblr is very well maintained with four or five posts every day, each one with huge and attractive images”.

After that piece, the site created a second review, further breaking down all of eBay’s full social ecosystem and giving the Tumblr more positive praise (Gee, thanks!).Read the full review here.

With an audience of 100,000 followers and growing, these single posts below were singled out by the magazine article.




About 6 months after the review, we decided to relaunch the Tumblr with a new layout — crisp and clean layout, with navigation leading readers into several categories of eBays’ strengths.

These include (but are not limited to):


Screenshot 2015-08-29 01.23.00

BOOKS (Lots of great “First Editions” available on eBay)

Screenshot 2015-08-29 01.24.26


Screenshot 2015-08-29 01.25.36


Screenshot 2015-08-29 01.28.32


Screenshot 2015-08-29 01.30.38

There are more categories listed on the site, but too many to mention. To see all the sections, take a peek at the eBay Tumblr for yourself.