During the brutal winter last year, some of the coolest downtown dudes I know opened a coffeeshop-surf-shop in the heart of Soho. Nestled on Crosby St, they began humbly selling other surf lines and assembled their barista’s for coffee magic. Now, only a few months later, they’re finally launching their own line of T-shirts and board shorts.

Ever since the sun poked it’s head out the last few weeks in New York, the boys of Saturdays (Colin Tunstall, Morgan Colette, Josh Rosen), have been on a serious streak, carving out their identity in a fickle neighborhood that’s weary of new blood. Having found a gap in the market, Saturday’s became the “ground zero” for surf heads popping in and out of Montauk, complete with surf board storage. Of course the crew of guys are all skaters too — in addition to artists, musicians, designers, and art directors. It’s a melting pot of creatives with a bench outside.

Recently on their baby blog (filled with visuals of constant surf/skate inspirations), they added a local column called “A Moment With…” where they spend some time with a local to capture their identity in 3 quotes. Somehow, I made the cut. The last time I was similarly flattered to be included in a friends experimental blog project, was in 2008 for The Selby… and we all know what happened with that little engine that could. After 2 hard years of busting his ass and capturing his creative buddies, Todd Selby went on to publish The Selby book with a premiere at Colette in Paris… turning his blog into a coveted space to be featured. Although the Saturday’s blog and business model is completely different, it has that fresh innocent energy that I believe will continue to feed upon itself, it’s culture, and eventually spawn into its own behemoth of a brand.

These are a few locals that co-owner Colin Tunstall has begun documenting in the neighborhood…

Here’s a busted moment of co-owner Colin Tunstall walking the streets of his hood photographing his subjects. Stay tuned to their website Saturdaysnyc.com to see where they take this joy ride. Now go ahead and bookmark this link. You’ll be seeing much more from these men in the coming months. Read Saturday’s Blog