In 2012, YouTube launched 100 premium channels. Everyone from Madonna to Jay Z launched a YouTube channel. I was called in to help launch Pharrell Williams’ channel.

Named after his company i am OTHER, I can honestly say it was a fun as hell crew. Here’s an interview I moderated with Pharrell at the launch where it was impossible to keep him serious… a pack of renegades, I tell ya! Here’s a few episodes I directed for one of the shows, Hypebeast X OTHER.

Sophia Nasty Gal

For years Nasty Gal’s Sophia Amoruso couldn’t find a job she loved, so she did what she loves most – shopped for cool clothes. Today she owns a major global brand. Sophia talks to Hypebeast about following her passion.


Brooklyn-based DJ, producer, record label and store owner A-Trak talks about growing his misfit brand Fool’s Gold Records into a creative empire.

Street Etiquette

Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of coveted men’s style site Street Etiquette are celebrated globally for their impeccable taste; an informed mix of classic American style and British dandyism, with a nod to their roots in the South Bronx. The fashion experts discuss how different cultures, ethnicities, and landscapes from New York City to Angola have influenced their aesthetic.

13th Witness

Photographer Tim McGurr aka “13th Witness” is a New York native, the son of legendary street artist Futura, and one of the most popular users on Instagram. Tim talks about how he turned his travels and love of city landscapes into a career.

Self Edge – Japanese Denim

Denim designers at Self Edge create bespoke jeans for their clients, often with rare and hard to find fabrics. Owner Johan Lam talks about the beauty of imperfections he learned from Japanese culture.

Eddie Huang – Baohaus & Vice show “Fresh off the Boat”

Vice’s latest star Eddie Huang talks about the success of his book and now web series “Fresh Off the Boat.” Eddie explains how he found success with his East Village restaurant Baohaus while fighting against the stereotypes he experienced growing up as an Asian American.

Co-founder of Bradford Shellhammer explains the three things that make FAB different from any other online retailer and how it has become the world’s fastest growing eCommerce site.


Outlier makes liberating men’s clothing designs that dance around the boundaries of fashion using a function driven design process and high quality technical fabrics.

All videos (seen above) were directed by Jauretsi, and originally created for i am OTHER channel. Brought to you by Pharrell Williams, i am OTHER is a new channel and cultural movement dedicated to Thinkers, Innovators and Outcasts—in short, OTHERS. Our programs explore the pursuit of individuality, the defiance of expectations, and the arrival of a new class of visionaries. Be OTHER.

Visit i am OTHER here on YouTube.