Tori Praver is the surf babe incarnate. Raised in Maui, she’s been surfing waves she’s been a little girl — “with a drawer full of bikini’s” she says. As she got older, she picked up some modeling gigs, including Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, where she sported more bikini’s. No surprise homegirl has finally launched her own line.

(Swimsuit Designer, Tori Praver)

(Tori Praver Swimsuit, from her first collection, Cruise 2010)

The city of New York just recently gained another resident, as Tori packed her bags with her man, surf pro Danny Fuller, to set up camp in downtown Manhattan. On her first week of readjustment, I managed to grab some quality time with the down-to-earth lady who is now maturing into a swimsuit designer in her own right.

Jauretsi: First off, welcome to New York. After being a Maui surf chick and west coast resident, what was the impetus to move to the urban grittiness of New York to develop yourself in the next few years?

Tori Praver: Let’s just say that New York is a bit of a culture shock for me. Maui will always be my home, but New York is just the city that makes things happen. I almost look at it as “putting in my time”. I love this city but it won’t be forever.

(Swimsuit from Cruise 2010. New Designs From Cruise 2011)

Being an avid bikini wearer your whole life, what made you start your own line? Is there a vision to the voice of Tori Praver swimsuits?

Like you said, I pretty much grew up on the beach and was always in a bikini. Beach culture is second nature to me so my passion for swimwear came very naturally. Designing my own swimwear line was always something I knew I wanted to do since I was very young. I designed my suits to allow the girl wearing them to express herself. The facts that my suits are sold as separates, allows girls to mix and match styles and colors to best fit their personality.

Can you describe what was the inspiration for the last collection you released?

The theme of this collection is Nirvana. Two different prints that represent two different meanings of the word. A floral print that represents the 90′s grunge era, hence the name of the band itself. Also a batik print that I was inspired by while traveling to Bali. I see this print representing the “zen side and the real meaning of Nirvana.

(Tori Praver, in her latest collection, Cruise 2011)

We hear that Shopbop just picked up your bikini’s — Is there anywhere else one can purchase your bikini’s?

Oh yeah! You can checkout my website at Tori Praver Swimwear which has a list of stores and online sites that sell my suits.

(Cruise 2011)

What is your favorite secret spot in New York so far?

TP: I have so many! My favorite would probably be the little coffee shop under my apartment in the East village. I get a lot of work and thinking done there.


To check out Tori’s work, go to: Shopbop/Tori Praver.