“There are no coincidences and there are no accidents” says life-coach Catherine Patrick, who mixed past life regression into her sessions. We know this can be an overwhelming thought to face on your next vacation to Miami Beach (at The Standard Miami), but the challenge could be a game-changer.

the spa is dedicated to not only wellness of the body (yoga, etc), but also wellness of the mind and spirit. This was an interview I conducted for one of my clients, The Standard Hotel.

(Catherine Patrick at The Standard, Miami)

By creating a synergy between hypnosis and life-coaching, Catherine offers a very powerful and effective life changing experience. The goal is “Self-Mastery,” which quickly and easily brings out the person you would be if you could free yourself of all your negative, limiting beliefs that hold you back. Catherine believes that you know who that person is… it’s the one living your dreams.

We met up with Catherine one afternoon in the lush backyard of The Standard Miami Spa to ask a few questions about the art form of Hypno-coaching. In her hands was a binder of multiple hypnosis scripts she studies intently. We were thrilled to learn more, and luckily, she was kind enough to lend us a few minutes to illuminate the process further.

Jauretsi: You work with so many different processes – lifecoaching, therapy, hypnotism – how did you first realize the power of combining life coaching and hypnotism?

Catherine Patrick: I had been practicing life-coaching for about five years, with really good results, when on a whim, I took the past-life regression training with Dr. Brian Weiss. I had no idea a) how powerful it is, and b) that it is hypnosis. Immediately after the training I booked in to be trained in hypnosis myself. I was so excited about it that I dropped the life-coaching for a while, but then noticed that my clients still needed the coaching to cognitively understand their problem. However, understanding where a problem comes from isn’t enough to create permanent change. Change needs to be made at the sub-conscious level, which is where the hypnosis comes in. The synergy is very powerful. It just makes sense to do both.

J: How did you find your mentor, Dr. Brian Weiss? I was a very big fan of Many Lives, Many Masters (book available here). Explain to our readers who he is exactly and what makes him unique in this field?

CP: When I decided to train in past-life regression, there was no one else I wanted to train with. I have been fascinated by the subject ever since I read his books years ago. Dr Weiss has been the most prominent pioneer in the field since the 1980s when he was working with a patient and accidentally regressed her past her childhood and in to another life, centuries prior. It became apparent to those of us in training that this gentleman was one of those souls that comes back purely to help humanity. He has no ego. He has no need to be right, or convince anyone. His quiet, gentle way is so powerful. He’s actually very funny too. It was so inspiring watching him work with people, helping them through past trauma. I can’t imagine training with anyone else.

J: What is the biggest misunderstanding about hypnotism you find with the people you work with?

CP: The most common misconception about hypnosis is that it is mind control; that the person being hypnotized is in some kind of altered state where they can be controled by the hypnotist. Actually, they are very aware of exactly what is going on at all times, and have complete control to get up and walk out at anytime should they want to.

J: What was the last book you read that moved you in this field?

CP: The last book that moved me in this field. I read books all the time, so that is a hard one. Probably Through Time into Healing by Dr Brian Weiss. All his books are amazing.

J: Can you explain why it might be helpful for someone to regress back into a past life? And how that knowledge can help you in present time?

CP: A lot of my clients regress to retrieve memories that are causing them unhappiness in their present life, when the origin of that unhappiness occurred in a past-life. When they are regressed, and their long repressed memories are brought to light, dramatic improvment is usually experienced. The insight and understanding they gain has amazing healing effects on their current life. They get to see patterns in their present life that go back lifetimes. They get to understand why there are certain dynamics in their relationships – they may have had many lifetimes with a particular soul, recreating the same drama over and over again. It is the depth of understanding that they experience that has such healing power, whether it is regarding a person, a phobia or a particular situation.

J: How often would you recommend a client to visit you and let themselves to go under? Is there a healthy routine?

CP: Regression, like any other type of therapy, depends on the person and their issue. I don’t recommend more than one session a week because the experience needs to be absorbed and reflected upon. My clients often gain more understanding and insight in the days following a session, so they need that time too.

J: What is your advice to our readers this upcoming holiday season in terms of managing the blues or heavy emotional waves as the holiday season usually brings up much deeper issues?

CP: I ask all my clients to commit to starting each day in quiet contemplation. To meditate. Every day I meditate and then read my vision statement. My vision statement is a paragraph I have written that is basically a snap-shot of where I am going – my perfect day. It inspires me and can change my energy immediately. It is a wonderful way to start the day, especially when this is such a stressfull time of year. It is simple, easy and feels good!

J: After a session with you, how does one return to “that place” in their subconscious in order to explore more answers? Is it possible to take yourself to that same place of subconsciousness once again while alone?

CP: As part of the regression process, I take my clients to a beautiful garden. I always suggest to them that they can return here any time they need to. This can be done through meditation, to just go within and rest there and be open to receive insight, guidance and wisdom.

J: Do you have a quick tip for an individual to meditate while “on the go” during this holiday vacation? A quick regime to help center yourself?

I think the only way to meditate is……to just do it. Set a timer for 20 minutes and don’t allow yourself to get up before the 20 minutes is up. Don’t worry about doing it “right” or about trying to empty the mind, just be present and gentle on yourself. Something that works well for me is to breathe in peace and breathe it out through the body. As I exhale, I feel that energy going through me, and out through my fingers and toes. That’s all it takes!!! There is no inside secret, and it is so worthwhile sticking at it.

Originally Published at The Standard Culture site, for Andre Balazs Properties. For a session with her, call The Standard Miami. Photo + Text by Jauretsi