This December, my co-Director Crystal Moselle and I, experienced one of our favorite gigs, speaking to the prominent British architect, Lord Norman Foster, about his reconstruction of Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion car. It all took place at Art Basel 2011 in Miami Beach.

Norman Foster discusses the significance of two of Buckminster Fuller’s most iconic designs in this movie filmed at the exhibition, Architecting the Future: Buckminster Fuller & Lord Norman Foster, in the Miami Design District. His consideration of the Fly’s Eye Dome and the Dymaxion car leads to a description of Fuller’s architectural relevance in today’s society.

Watch our video, “Architecting the Future” at Dezeen (here), the online architecture and design magazine. A big special thanks to Dacra, Anna Williams, and Susan Ainsworth for making this happen… and to Craig Robins for buying the dome. Miami Beach is a lovely home for it.