Recently, me and my co-director Crystal Moselle were called up by Nowness to create a filmic interpretation of a novel just released by a mutual colleague Christopher Bollen, the Editor for Interview magazine. The book, Lightning People, was described as a “striking portrait of thirty-somethings wandering New York in the aftermath of 9/11″ and it was our mission to create a visual rendition of this mood.

After hearing excerpts from the book, it shook me to the core. I had been around for the 9-11 attacks myself and stood on Thompson and Prince street in Soho that morning with my jaw dropped and my heart broken. New York stood in a daze. For months, we all wandered the streets full of anxiety, compassion, alienation, life-affirmation, isolation, and all the range of emotions after surviving a mutual crisis. New York became a band of brothers.

At the same time, upon receiving our phonecall from Nowness, Crystal Moselle had been following these brothers we nicknamed Wolfpack. It’s 6 boys from Delancey Street, born of a midwest mother and a Peruvian father. When we met the Angulo brothers, we discovered their pure unshakeable bond and soon began a friendship. Their only source of entertainment growing up was watching movies, then re-enacting them to eachother. Just like New York, we felt these brothers represented the brotherhood of an innocent generation.

The voices of Chlöe Sevigny, Nate Lowman, Leelee Sobieski, Rufus Wainwright, Waris Ahluwalia, Kalup Linzy, Natasha Lyonne and Kirsten Dunst were all woven into the piece, and as the authors friends, it elevated the short film to greater heights. I won’t say anymore and just let you see the vignette below (see link), but suffice it to say, this shoot was dear to us.

The Wolfpack has been a source of curiosity for Director Crystal Moselle for at least 1 year now since she has been following them with her intimate camera and exploring the source of their magic. I will be producing the feature with Crystal so stay tuned for future announcements on the Wolfpack documentary next year. For now, here’s a short little mood piece where we enlisted the same brothers to help us bring Christopher Bollen’s book to life.

To view the short film commissioned by Nowness for the release of Lightning People, go to Nowness/Lightning People.

All photos taken by Jauretsi.