As some of you may know, one of my beloved clients is The Standard Hotel, simply because their lifestyle is such a ripe mix of culture, arts, fashion, and now this week, sports. The enormous surf competition called Quiksilver Pro just rolled through town while tons of global surf stars flooded to the city for the highest prize ever in surf — $1 million dollars. Our lobby and nightclubs were glowing this week from all the sun-kissed beach beauties running amok in the hotel… or as CEO Bob McKnight told me, “bringing Aloha to New York”.

(Quiksilver Pro 2011, NY. This was Monday, Day 1. We promise the swell was perfect by Friday. Whew.)

I met and interviewed surf champions from South Africa to Australia to the United States. The most profound conversation I had was with Bob, who seemed one of those rare hybrids of a man who not only runs a billion dollar company, but LIVES and BREATHES surf and snow daily while at the same time, working in the trenches of his company — always keeping an open door policy.

(Rosy Hodge Visits The Standard Hotel, NYC)

Here’s a few videos I created with shooter/editor Markus Marty, of The Standard Hotel. A big thank you to Kristin Barone of Quiksilver for all the guidance, support, and just incredible vibes during the week.

See Rosy Hodge, (Roxy, Pro Surfer)

See Stephanie Gilmore, (Quiksilver Women, Pro Surfer)

See Todd Richards (Quiksilver, Pro Snowboarder)

See Bob McKnight (Quiksilver, CEO)

(Mollusk Surf Shop, New York. Video by Quiksilver Pro)

Additional blog pieces of content I created or aggregated for The Standard Site included:

Tori Praver, Q&A (Swimwear Designer, Fashion Night Out for Rogan)

Art of Flight, film with Travis Rice

Chris Gentile of Mollusk Surf Shop, New York

Ari Marcopoulos + Saturdays Launch Event Information

Tony Hawk Hits NYC, Vert

Roxy Girl Power, Quiksilver Pro

Graphic of the Day: Dane Reynolds

(The Standard New York View)

(Spectator at QuiksilverPro 2011. Taken with Classic Toy App)

(Kelly Slater. Follow me at “Jauretsi” on Instagram for more images of the week)