Osiel a quiet, creative, and intense soul, always at work in his Fort Greene brownstone. A visit to Osiel’s studio means spending an afternoon dropping rare records on the turntables, while kicking back to talk art and fashion. He opens up his mind to only a few people, so lucky me for being invited to see the new collection.

Recently, he emerged from his lab to present his first line of T-shirts sold at Nom de Guerre in New York City (the other cool bunker in Manhattan).

Osiel’s description of his brainchild, No Romance, is something he has not thought of lightly. To use his own words, the “collections are tactical, diverse, and observe the necessary legal, moral, and humanitarian obligations for design”. The graphic concepts for No Romance pose deeper questions that tickle the mind. The only statement he gives is that “there are underlying, and largely irresistible, forces acting in societies which are like the natural forces that operate in animal and plant communities. These social forces are of such a kind as to produce evolutionary progress through the natural conflicts between social groups.”

(Osiel in the shadows of his Fort Greene Office)

That’s all you need to know to view his new T-Shirt Graphics… I stopped to ask him a few questions on his first collection entitled SILENT WEAPONS FOR SECRET WARS.

Jauretsi: Can you tell me why you named your overall brand No Romance?

NoRomance is an equal rights campaign for those that just want to express themselves. The name derives from the classic William Gibson novel NEUROMANCER.

Tell me a bit about your background and how you became you creatively? Your inspirations?

My background is in Art Direction, and that’s led me down a couple of different avenues. I’d have to say New York City and the people are, and have been by far, my biggest source of inspiration.

What are the products or services you provide under No Romance? Also, what is the one “follow-through” message in everything you output?

No Romance is the creative umbrella that I work under. Whether it’s Design or out at night harassing the public. Our message is to make sure everybody’s voice is heard and not based only on social status or wealth.

Where can someone purchase your items or do more homework on you?

The collection will be available at Nom de Guerre in NYC, Opening Ceremony in Los Angeles, Reborn in Montreal, or NoRomance.net. For more information subscribe to our No Romance Facebook Page

What projects are you secretly working on right now?

Right now the focus is on the new collection launching our e-shop and setting up the studio. Needless to say that Fall is going to be action packed.