“As it turns out, the fates of sugar and Cuba appear to be the same” writes Ann Louise Bardach on her review of a biography written by John Paul Rathbone on Sugar Baron, Julio Lobo (Lobo means “wolf” in Spanish).

If feel it to my duty to read up on Sugar Barons since I named my company that, and I believe whatever names we choose for our business come from a big need to answer a question deep in ourselves. Initially, I chose the name because it represents the “entreprenurial spirit” of my people. The Sugar Barons of Cuba were the “Rockefellers” of our country. And like any rich people, there is an inherent responsibility for code of honor, a hard working aesthetic, dreaming big, changing the world with good intentions. Then I discovered there’s tons of other Sugar Barons worldwide — Thailand, Phillipines, etc. and the current issues surrounding these powerful elite (thanks google alerts). I also discovered there is an awesome baseball team in the Philippines called “Sugar Barons”. Oh, the little things we learn!

Back to the writer of this piece who reviewed the biography. Anne is an incredible woman, and ballbuster reporter. She equally interviews Fidel Castro (for Vanity Fair) just as hard as she drills the prestigious Cuban-Americans. She is both love/hated on both sides for calling a spade a spade. Ann reports for the Daily Beast, and is a member of the Brookings Institution’s Cuba Study Project. She recently released Without Fidel: A Death Foretold in Miami, Washington and Havana. Her other book is Cuba Confidential is a must read if you care to delve into the nuances of the Cuban and Cuban-American 50 year beef.

So without further delay, here’s an introduction a real Cuban Sugar Baron, Julio Lobo.

Read Biography of Cuban Sugar tycoon Julio Lobo, a review by Ann Louise Bardach for Washington Post