This is Akulu. When she was a child, she was abducted to go fight a war in Uganda where she was forced to be a child soldier. She is a tough girl… a survivor. Today we have some good news about Akulu.

(This is the exact place where Akulu was abducted to be a Child Solider)

There is a beautiful documentary called Children of War (see trailer below) that documents the entire struggle as well as the rehabilitation efforts to nurture these children post-trauma. The documentary is directed by Bryan Single. Currently, a feature film is being directed by Will Raee in Africa now on the same story that saved Akulu and her friends.

With the powerful guidance of Coleen Haynes, based in Los Angeles, we have formed an organization that is dedicated to raising awareness and funds to help these girl soldiers. Our first agenda last Winter was to throw a launch party in New York. We managed to raise a little bit of money that night but just enough to begin really making a difference.

(Akulu with her New Sewing Machine)

The photos here are a direct result of the funds made that night. You’ll notice Akulu (in the pink dress) now has a sewing machine! This was purchased immediately after the party, however Coleen went to Africa recently to give her the rest of the funds in order to buy her initial supplies you see in her store. In essence, she is now empowered and supporting her family, pictured here. The young baby is hers, and the rest are her family whom she now supports.

(Akulu with mother and siblings at thier home in Patongo)

(Akulu’s Mother and Relatives)

(Akulu and Uncle at her Shop)

Stay tuned on this blog for future update on the Girl Soldier charity and film.