Well, it’s been officially one year since Saturdays has opened their doors on the quietly unassuming lower end of Crosby street. Since then, they have served tons of coffee, and created a covetable line of T-shirts and boardshorts.

Kanon/Saturdays teaser from The 88 on Vimeo.

The reputation of their store events are getting more and more attention… spreading by good old fashioned word of mouth, instead of the PR machines that normally usher in these brands.

Last weekend, the 3 partners (Josh Rosen, Morgan Collett, and Colin Tunstall) hosted a bash in honor of not only surviving, but flourishing on their first year. Kanon Vodka hosted the event, which meant drinks were flowing hard since the vodka is organic and and goes down clean.

The music was one of the best sets I’ve heard in years… a bonafide 6 hour set spun by the infamous Chances with Wolves men, the same crew behind the East Village radio show. The DJ’s are diggers… I would even venture to say they are archeologists in terms of unearthing rare gems and serving them up in a fresh wholesome playful manner. There was a diving board which attracted the mayhem that ensued. As the sun began to set, a conga line formed around the pool to the song “Jump in Line”, the Beetlejuice song, with guests screaming “Shake Shake Shake Senora”…. oh yes, it was one of those type of parties — Unabashed celebration at its purest. Happy Birthday boys.

I stopped to take inventory of the days event and asked the owners their thoughts…

What was the highlight of the weekend for you guys?

Colin: The diving board. The fact that no one got hurt was amazing!

Morgan: The diving board. Chance’s with Wolves banging out the tunes. Under water photography

Josh: The Pig. The diving board. The smiles.

What was your favorite song moment played in the day?

Colin: “Everybody’s Gotta Live”

Morgans: Jens Lekman’s, “We’re All Gonna Die” (late night sing along with Mikey Palms)

Josh: “Soldier Boy”

What can we expect to see on year 2 for Saturdays?

Colin: Another epic day with friends in a beautiful place.

Morgan: Bigger diving boards, waves, and a slip’n slide on the beach.

Josh: Next year in Israel.

The following is a trailer for the shop. The protagonist of this narrative is one of the founders of Saturdays, Morgan Collett, on his usual routine exiting the city on a weekend — thus the name Saturdays. It’s a sweet “day in the life” vignette. But above all, it shows the fluidity and soul of this brand.

Director: Adam Neustadter
Director of Photography: James Henry
Assistant Camera: Roxane Calvignac
Producers: Adam Neustadter, Shawn Christensen, Damon Russell
Editor: Cole Hannan
Music: Dominic Matar
Surfer: Morgan Collett