What can I say about Angela Boatwright? She is one of the most creative chicks I know. She’s been photographing the street/skate/graffiti scene for 13 years now, yet shoots for big clients like Urban Outfitters. Angela is now moving into filmmaking with cute little experimental films like this one, entitled Witch.

(All Photos by Angela Boatwright)

I asked Angela a few questions about messing with the new craft, and her new passion project, a doc on heavy metal culture in America, which has her earning her “documentarian” stripes — driving around the United States, sleepless night, and burning her credit cards.

After so many years of photographing, you finally started to pick up the camera develop cool little films. How do you feel you’ve expanded as an artist in this new medium compared to still photography?

In terms of expanding as an artist, I’m so in the middle of it right now so it’s hard to analyze. Every day is something completely new from writing treatments to figuring out sound (sound is a weird one for photographers). I’m wondering however if film and video isn’t a more natural place for me. We’ll see!

Tell us about this story, Witch, and your vision for it as a Director?

I like to let stories blossom organically. I pick people and locations based on gut feelings. Myself and [stylist] Jessie Cohan collaborated on this one. I liked that the clothing she pulled wasn’t stereotypically “rock n roll” or “spooky goth”. I’m really into the film Evil Dead for years… and lately, Suspiria, thanks to my friend Chi. Those types of films combined with the already devilish atmosphere of Wes Lang’s studio produced the creepy little Witch vid you see here.

Witch from Angela Boatwright on Vimeo.

Whats next for you in terms of filmmaking?

So many things! I’m writing a treatment to direct my first music video today! Aside from that I’ve been working on my first documentary film feature about underground American heavy metal bands. I filmed all of April for a trailer or sizzle reel… combined with a proposal, that will ideally allow me some funding to finish the rest of the film. At this point it’s all on my credit card and everyone involved is working for free!

To learn more about Angela’s documentary, view film and photos, and help get funding (note to all branded content managers!)– email her directly at angela@angelaboatwright.com

To view her entire body of work, go to AngelaBoatwright.com