I’m posting this “mash-up” in honor of unpredictable couplings this Summer… the bad-boy-greaser and goody-two-shoes gettin in on? Danny Zuko and Sandra Dee Olssen were the ultimate mash-up couple.

I’m always up for the unpredictable “mash-up”. I guess that is the definition of a mashup — colliding 2 songs together from different genre’s, sort of like a radical blind date… like Olivia Newton John and John Travolta’s characters. I bumped into this one online on a bored night of digging through the web.

Click on this link to hear the song Ooh-LaLa-Summer-Nights to hear the song. Blast it up at your desk, and take a 5 minute ass-shakin session at work.

While you’re at it, feel free to check out this DJ’s website. His name is Party Ben. I have no idea who he is… only that he has a healthy obsession for making mash-ups and posting them online at his website which is found at PartyBen.com. Among them, is a mashup with Queen + Daft Punk as well as Kid Cudi + Evelyn Champagne’s “Shame” — both MP3′s available for download.