Ok. I’ll admit it. I’m a little turned on by Science magazines. It’s weird because I’ve never really committed to subscribing to Scientific American, but I’ve had a fling with this dirty little secret for a few years now (but only at the airport!). I guess I’m coming out of the closet, and upgrading the mistress by sharing an article I read recently on my last flight this week.

The article is entitled “12 Events That Will Change Everything”, with a logline that reads “and not in the ways you think”. Hooked in yet? It comments on all these discoveries that will alter the course of humans — morals, technology, lawmaking, population, theology… you name it…. these are “game-changers” in history that are afoot.

(Dolly, The First Cloned Sheep)

Here’s the 12 Events in the article:

(1) Cloning of a Human
The process is extremely difficult but it also seems inevitable.

(2) Extra Dimensions
The world’s biggest particle collider might uncover new slices of space.

(3) Extraterrestrial Intelligence
How will we respond to a signal from outer space?

(4) Nuclear Exchange
A Local conflict could produce a global nightmare.

(5) Creation of Life
Synthetic biology remakes organisms, but can it bring inanimate matter to life?

(6) Room Temperature Super Conductors
They would transform the grid — if they can exist at all

(7) Machine Self-Awareness
What happens when robots start calling the shots?

(8) Polar Meltdown
Move the beach chair back: rising seas will literally reshape the world.

(9) Pacific Earthquake
Will the overdue “Big One” tear California asunder?

(10) Fusion Energy
It would solve environmental headaches, but it remains hard to achieve.

(11) Asteroid Collision
An extinction-level event is unlikely, but “airbursts” could flatten a city.

(12) Deadly Pandemic
Notwithstanding the tameness of H1N1, influenza viruses could still wipe out millions and wreak economic havoc.

(The Pacific Quake)

Each point is accompanied by an essay, delving further into each detail. Quite a meaty read. The issue is really worth reading, so if you don’t buy it, go to their website to finish reading the article at Scientific American’s 12 Events That Will Change Everything. There’s a subscription price attached to reading the article online.

Why would you want to read a fluffy magazine with a cover line that reads “Why She Stole Brad” when you can buy another magazine with a cover line that reads “Does Time Really Exist?” (literally a cover line in the June issue). There’s even an article this month entitled “When Ideas Have Sex” about the wealth of nations and how our ancestors had great ideas that formed trade which led to trust and prosperity. So you see… sex even sells science.

(Hadron Particle Collider)