Everything from China is “tainted with Communism” says this wacky lady from Hacienda Heights in California. Here’s a report that’s both hilarious yet horrifying on the subject of kids learning Chinese in schools. Can you say, ethnophobia?

(The Communist Party)

I’m assuming this comes from the same people who claim Obama must be a Communist waving their finger at that dirty word “Socialism” — mistaking one term for another. You’d think us Americans would have evolved by now with the world getting smaller via the internet. It’s funny how the word “Communism” gets thrown around casually, stirring up other words like “enemy” and “brainwashing” — fueling fear and hatred towards people with a history rich in arts and culture. Granted there are several human rights violations and a blatant lack of free press within this system as history has proven so far. We all know the drill on where the system fails… that’s another conversation. But denying a child the ability to learn the language? Even the school kids in this report knew better as one of the students replies in her deadpan voice, “Learning Chinese doesn’t make us Communist”. Can we save these kids from this school?

Of course this report comes to us wrapped up in a very humorous package from the Jon Stewart show — educating us with a laugh at all times…

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