This video, directed by Jake Sumner, was a carefree art mission equivalent of letting adults just act like little kids. Commissioned by Nike, Artist Jack Greer was given one mandate — add color to the Nike Stadium locker room. Fire extinguisher? Check. Paints? Check. Let her rip….

The completed Nike Stadium space has been used for lots of things so far such as screening current World Cup Games. The locker room downstairs served as the unconventional meeting space for all the Nike runners, skateboarders, and bicyclists during our 24 hour race which took place last week. The space will still be open for game screenings throughout the month of festivities.

(Lil Henry, skateboarder for the Saturdays team)

(Kai Regan and Bailey Beckstead, manning the Team Photo Shoots)

Watch how this room was created. Jack created an explosion of paints while Director Jake Sumner documents the mayhem. Read the original Jack Greer blog post at Nike Stadium Blog

Julien Cahn (pictured above) is Nike’s point-person on this project, who dyed his hair red in honor of Red campaign… dedicated, huh? Here you see Julien watching his last team ride off into the sunset after staying awake 24 hours while launching 24 teams every hour on the hour. The “Nike SB” team, with superstar skater P-Rod enveloped within company staffers, completed the race as the final team of a long day. Congratulations to everyone I worked with on bringing awareness and solidarity to the global crisis of AIDS, and Alldayeveryday who helped develop the vision of the space and captured this project brilliantly online. To see the New York race documented as it occurred, go to New York Tied Together 2010.

To see the space in person, Nike Stadium is located at 276 Bowery, and will remain open for World Cup Screenings upstairs in the Spike Lee exhibit room. To see the Jack Greer “Locker Room Installation” for yourself, take a peek downstairs.