I’ve been a fan of Allen Benedikt’s work for quite some time, collecting his early books printed under 12 oz Prophet. So I was lucky to work with Nike and Alldayeveryday on this Stadium project that hired some of the finest artists in New York to celebrate Brazil and World Cup.

Allen’s office is located in the heart of Soho. To the naked eye, they could be dismissed as graffiti guys, but when you actually enter their loft, you’ll notice a professional vibe and discover that these men are experts in the art of printing. His walls are a gallery of artwork ranging from his friends, the Brazilian duo Os Gemenos to Futura2000. Working with several clients, AKA and his other company 12oz Prophet play the dance of juggling impressive corporate clients with personal passion projects. It’s a healthy mix… always raising the bar, stepping up their game in both realms. Expect to see some strong projects from this team with a new website launch for Also Known As, coming soon.

Check out our video when we visited his studio to discuss his installation for Nike Stadium.

To read more about Allen’s world, visit 12 oz Prophet. Read the original blog post at Nike Stadium.com