It’s official! After months of whispering Sally Singer, the New York Times finally closed the deal with the Vogue Editor to now take the helm at T Magazine. In fact, everyone is getting bumped up the ladder this week. You see? Late nights in the office do pay off!

(Sally Singer moves from Vogue to T Magazine)

Ok. So here’s the big publishing shuffle. Stefano Tonchi, the previous Editor at T Magazine moved to W Magazine a few months ago. He took with him Lynn Hirschberg and Armand Limnander to W Magazine. He also snagged Jody Quon from New York Magazine to be his Creative Director, and Lawrence Karol of Gourmet to be his Executive Managing Editor.

And now… for the fresh news this week. Sally Singer has been plucked from Vogue to be the new head Chief at T: The New York Times Style Magazine, which is released 15 times a year. Of course Anna Wintour made some fast moves (probably based on the fact everyone in New York suspected Sally was the golden child) and promoted two dedicated Vogue staffers to replace Sally. Eve MacSweeney who serves as Associate Editor is now promoted to Features Director while Mark Holgate who is serving as Senior Fashion writer is now bumped up to Fashion News Director.

W Magazine’s ex-Design Director Edward Leida is currently got some good stuff cooking and will make an announcement shortly. Stay tuned.

As far as all the other employees that landed in their spots, we’re all looking forward to reading everyone’s new issue. I’m feeling the fresh start.

(Vogue magazine’s, Eve MacSweeney)

(Vogue magazine’s Mark Holgate)