Here’s a little brief overview of things around the world that caught my attention recently.

(1) Os Gemenos+Blu+Sam street mural, Portugal.

Posted this last week on May 24, 2010 — the Brazilian duo, Os Gemeos, got together with artists Blu and Sam to put up this brilliant piece. They did this to coincide with their series of work in Portugal called “Pra quem mora la, o Ceu e la” exhibition, taking place at the Museu Coleccao Berardo in Lisbon. The phrase means “To Who lives there, Heaven is there”

To see detailed photos of more angles, go to Os Gemenos Official Site.


(2) Sarah Palin comments on “The Real America”

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(3) Monster Hole in the Ground, Guatemala

A heavy rain and tropical storm called Agatha created this huge sinkhole — or wormhole — or whatever. One security guard got sucked into it and vanished. Very Poltergeist. Other things that got sucked up in the hole… a full 3 story building and a house. Read more on


(4) Bullfight Accident, Spain

You know things are hardcore when international news makes the cover of the New York Post. I’m confused how the news keeps saying “the bull attacked Julio Aparicio” when the poor bull was thrown into the ring to his death like a morbid circus. I’m pretty liberal about a good ol’ fashioned bullfight (my family is from Spain so I was raised on this activity)… but I’ve always seen this as a fight between man and beast. My only issue is that it is always an unfair battle where the animal is doomed to die. In this particular case, Opíparo (that’s the bulls name) put up a real good fight, and went out gangster style on his demise.

If you care to see the video, watch Man Getting His Ass Kicked by Bull. Not for the faint of heart.