A big shuffle was just announced at the New York Times today. The managing editor for print, Jill Abramson, is stepping aside from her duties for 6 months and doing a full immersion on digital operations and strategy. It’s sort of a bold move, but I’m all for experimenting in this digital age.

(Jill Abramson is shaking it up at NY Times)

Bill Keller, the Executive editor of the New York Times spoke about the decision. “There is still a digital rhythm and a print rhythm, and they don’t feel synchronized” he is quoted in his own paper. He also said they both spoke about the radical decision and thought “one of us should really master the whole complicated machinery of an integrated newsroom.” — “I’m fully prepared for people to misread this in 100 different ways,” Mr. Keller said, adding, “It’s an experiment.”

To read the full story, go to: NY Times announcement.

This decision comes after another series of shakeups mid April at T Magazine with Editor Stefano Tonchi leaving to run W Magazine. Stefano took 2 NY Times writers with him, Lynn Hirschberg (Editor-at-Large), and Armand Limnander (Fashion News/Features Director) to go revamp W.