The power of a doodle… especially drawing Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. This week, the government of Pakistan is buggin’ out on Facebook, and blocking the site because of a page called “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!”. Did I mention South Park is in the center of this mess?

The Facebook page asked users to post pictures on May 20th in response to threats made by radical Muslim groups against South Park creators. The crime was depicting Muhammad in a bear suit in one of their episodes earlier this year. All this insane government blow up over a cartoon! Really guys?

The drama has just extended to blocking YouTube also. It got official when the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) directed Internet service providers to stop access to social network site Facebook indefinitely on Wednesday because of the online competition. To read more details on both social networks, go to Facebook shut down and YouTube shut down.

The comment boards are on fire over this. One chat board reader writes “I am amazed at how ‘free expression’ scares people filled with mythological belief” —— Word.