Tonight I went to a little cocktail party held in a special room inside the Thompson Hotel LES, where Married to the Mob founder, Leah McSweeney, invited a few of her close friends to screen her new short film showcasing the latest MOB (Most Official Bitches) T-shirts. The little film left its imprint on me. Due in part, to the lead protagonist.

RUNAWAY FAYE from The Town Pump on Vimeo.

So who is Faye Reagan? Well, before I get to that, I’ll begin my review with describing the company first. The female clothing line has become synonymous with raucous behavior. It’s a girls line that has a street sensibility… the type of girls you want watching your back if you ever get pushed around. Yes, that’s right, the prototype MOB girl is fiery, and is not afraid of confrontation, just like the owner, Leah McSweeney, an Irish Catholic girl (who oddly resembles Faye herself). In fact, as the story goes, Leah herself was defending a boyfriend one night during a bar brawl, and broke a bottle over someone’s head. Of course she got roughed up by a cop, and got herself arrested. She sued the city of New York for being mishandled, and with the reward money, she began Married to the Mob.

(Married to the Mob’s founder Leah McSweeney’s Mug Shot)

This new film, Runaway Faye, was conceived to showcase the Summer collection of Leah’s new Tshirts. The story begins with the quintessential New York visual — the subway. Faye enters the sliding doors looking impatient to go nowhere, and you begin to wonder where this girl is going… accompanied by Karen O’s heartbreaking voice as the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Runaway” plays through this ride.

Through her journey, we see her stealing Tshirts, taking off her top every few steps, changing herself with a new logo. She discards what she once embraced a few seconds ago. There is no logic to the indecisive behaviour.. only a hint of her scattered mind and inability to commit to anything. She is a street cat. Walking without direction. Faye is, you see, a lost soul. The T-shirts themselves contribute to the narrative… an interesting device that expands — “Sexy Bitch” , “Mob Rude Girl” — until it crescendo’s into a swan song, her final outfit change with a T-shirt that reads, ” “I Came I Saw I Conquered”, before we bid farewell to our fallen heroine.

Back to the screening tonight, after the 4 minute piece ended, silence grew louder for 2 seconds… until everyone erupted into applause. Leah walked in front of the huge flatscreen, smiled, and explained to the audience the ingredients of her new project — “we had $45, a porn star, and an afternoon”. Excuse me? “Faye is a porn star?!” I think 3 people asked this in unison. “Yeah” she replied. “Her specialty is fisting”.

Suddenly, it all came together in my mind. The narrative. The authenticity of this characters’s struggle. The aimless wandering. The emotional strip tease. The natural ease of this young girl disrobing for the camera. Ok. So I’ll admit. I went home and Googled Faye. I was intrigued, so I checked out her (cough*cough*) body of work. At 21 years old, she is branding herself online with her own website, so far accumulating 11,000 Twitter fans and climbing. She seems saavy enough to catapult herself to Jenna Jameson status, and admittingly, can project more emotion on camera than Jenna did. Faye lights up when she is center stage; an exhibitionist of the millennial generation. Her pinup posture carries a self-awareness well beyond her 21 years.

It’s a pretty unconventional decision to choose a porn star to represent your clothing brand.. but if you are Leah McSweeney of Married to the Mob, then this casting is actually quite targeted and aimed for her audience… the ultimate free spirits — sexually commanding, sometimes dysfunctional, fearless, unapologetic, dirty, and “makin’ that paper”. Expect to hear more of this girl…

Married To The Mob
Summer 2010 Movie

Starring Faye Reagan
Producer: Leah McSweeney
Director: Shawn Regruto
Stylist: Tabatha McGurr
Line Producer: Bob Geile
Assistant Director: Mat Kim
Additional Support: Bugsy
Additional Support: Mots & Kloe
Music: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Cinematographer & Editor: Shawn Regruto