World Food Day is today, October 16th. It's a day to reflect and create a worldwide group hug designed to increase awareness on poverty and it's relationship with food. Better yet, it's a day flooded with news, article, blogs, tip ...Read More


"Everything is free except the video that we capture of you... THAT I own." No, this is not Mark Zuckerberg speaking. It's the words of Josh Harris, the greatest internet pioneer you've never heard of. In honor of The Social ...Read More

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Osiel a quiet, creative, and intense soul, always at work in his Fort Greene brownstone. A visit to Osiel's studio means spending an afternoon dropping rare records on the turntables, while kicking back to talk art and fashion. He opens ...Read More


This past Fashion week I had a few conversations about 14 year old blogger Tavi Gevinson. She began blogging from runway shows at 12 years old in 2008... and if you can believe it, some fashionistas asked me "Why are ...Read More


"As it turns out, the fates of sugar and Cuba appear to be the same" writes Ann Louise Bardach on her review of a biography written by John Paul Rathbone on Sugar Baron, Julio Lobo (Lobo means "wolf" in Spanish). Read More