I've been a fan of Allen Benedikt's work for quite some time, collecting his early books printed under 12 oz Prophet. So I was lucky to work with Nike and Alldayeveryday on this Stadium project that hired some of the ...Read More


I was so pleasantly reminded of Betty White and her under appreciated body of work after that SNL stunt, that I thought I'd dig into another female comedy great. I'm kinda bummed that these types of variety shows no longer ...Read More

Only a few seconds long... this chart is not a sloppy guess. It was heavily researched by National Science Foundation. Take a look at the simulation to wrap your head around the mess. It's not a forecast. Just an estimation ...Read More


Here's a little brief overview of things around the world that caught my attention recently. Read More


Whoever created this page made a wise move. Tumblr layouts are clean, simple, not too busy, and minimalist -- just like The New Yorker magazine itself. Read More