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This week is a historic moment in terms of "righting a wrong" committed 100 years ago towards the first black heavyweight in Boxing history, Jack Johnson. Sugar Barons, No Mas, and Barking Irons are hosting a screening of Ken Burns' ...Read More


Here's a highlight of videos swimming around my desktop this week. Just a random sampling of new or random things that caught my eye. Read More


One of the things that seduced me into DJ'ing the most in the 90's was this concept of collecting, discovering, identifying, and sharing breaks with others of the same passion. It was also the days of flipping through dusty record ...Read More


I'm posting this "mash-up" in honor of unpredictable couplings this Summer... the bad-boy-greaser and goody-two-shoes gettin in on? Danny Zuko and Sandra Dee Olssen were the ultimate mash-up couple. Read More


Could this be true? Tom Florio, a name synonymous with Conde Nast, is jumping ship after 25 years to go to Hollywood? All the shifts in the air! Things are getting so damn interesting in this print/digital game. Read More


Ok. I'll admit it. I'm a little turned on by Science magazines. It's weird because I've never really committed to subscribing to Scientific American, but I've had a fling with this dirty little secret for a few years now (but ...Read More


This video, directed by Jake Sumner, was a carefree art mission equivalent of letting adults just act like little kids. Commissioned by Nike, Artist Jack Greer was given one mandate -- add color to the Nike Stadium locker room. Fire ...Read More

Communist Party

Everything from China is "tainted with Communism" says this wacky lady from Hacienda Heights in California. Here's a report that's both hilarious yet horrifying on the subject of kids learning Chinese in schools. Can you say, ethnophobia? Read More


I've been documenting this cool project I've been working on with Alldayeveryday and Nike with a barrage of amazing artists that helped form the Nike Stadium space on the Bowery in downtown New York. Rafael Cardenas is one of the ...Read More


It's official! After months of whispering Sally Singer, the New York Times finally closed the deal with the Vogue Editor to now take the helm at T Magazine. In fact, everyone is getting bumped up the ladder this week. You ...Read More