betty white

Betty White is a badass. Jimmy Fallon earned huge brownie points for resurrecting this GEM of a woman through a Facebook campaign. Betty says she didn't even know what Facebook was -- "yes, we had poking", says the 88 year ...Read More


Jon Rose is a badass. He's also a friend, pro surfer, and free spirit who wanders the planet with a heart of gold. When the earthquake hit Haiti, he hopped a flight to the island and not only distributed 9,000 ...Read More

Nothing new on the streets, but I thought I would just stand on a mountaintop and scream Jaaayyyyy Electronicccccaaaaa! Been listening to his mixtape Attack of the Clones. Man has good flow, lyrical style. Crazy talent. Read More


There's a paint company called Dulux that started a project called "Let's Colour". The goal is simple, take over city walls around the world that need color... a visual therapy if you wall. Color makes people happy. Need I say ...Read More


Tori Praver is the surf babe incarnate. Raised in Maui, she's been surfing waves she's been a little girl -- "with a drawer full of bikini's" she says. As she got older, she picked up some modeling gigs, including Sports ...Read More