During the brutal winter last year, some of the coolest downtown dudes I know opened a coffeeshop-surf-shop in the heart of Soho. Nestled on Crosby St, they began humbly selling other surf lines and assembled their barista's for coffee ...Read More


Really interesting article in the New York Times technology section about the "go-to" guy to fix your iPhone if you dropped it in the toilet, or just have a mysterious glitch. Read More

You know me... always digging for a cover that is flipped properly. This one has a soothing seductive feel to it. "Addicted to Love" Sung by Florence and the Machine. Read More

A cool little video I produced for The New York Times at Art Basel last year. Crystal Moselle directed it, and Dan Martensen took all the portraits for us. Good times! Read More


According to AP, the biggest national news agency in China, China Xinhua News Network Corp, will set a global launch of its news network, with English language television. Apparently, the Chinese government seriously disapproves of the international coverage on human ...Read More


This is a video animated by Luigi Pedretti for the song "Questa Vida Loca" by Italian singer, Mina Mazzini. The sound is a bit dramatic, but I like her whiskey soaked melancholic voice... plus I'm a good fan of motion ...Read More

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An art short I helped produce with All Day Every Day when I was at Starworks. Nominated this year for a Webby Award. Directed by Daphne Guinness and David Parker. Read More

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Some mystery face has been popping up around the streets on New York lately as a message to Earsnot. Seems like a dueling face from a pack of playing cards - a jack or king? Signed as Beau, let's see ...Read More

Here's 40 Inspirational Speeches that are cinematic gold... be it James Stewart in Mr.Smith Goes to Washington to James Belushi in Animal House, you know you were rooting for the protagonist during his emotional zenith... leading up to that pot ...Read More

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Released in late January this year, Spike did a brilliant 30 minute short film entitled I'm Here. What's more interesting is the fact this seems like a branded content idea sponsored by Absolut. An excellent example that brands can indeed ...Read More