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A Sugar Barons Production. This was the baby I nursed for years. The documentary is now available to rent or purchase at iTunes or Stay tuned for a lifetime of creative Cuban projects from the belly of Sugar Barons. Read More

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Interesting stats on the last 3 years. Read More

Just saw the press screening for the Sundance hit, Cyrus. I'm kinda blown away. The character of Cyrus is played by the force of nature named Jonah Hill of Superbad fame. Jonah is maturing into one of the solid actors ...Read More


I finally did it. After 4 years of developing the Starworks New Media division, directing my own documentary, and 10+ years working with top magazines-- I decided it's finally time to start my own business… Read More

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The man himself. Comforting words from Milton Glaser. If you're not familiar with Milton, please step into this link,, and fall into a rabbit hole of exquisite design. Read More

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Always a fan of a good graphic... here's a sentiment I'd like to share... Read More