As some of you may know, one of my beloved clients is The Standard Hotel, simply because their lifestyle is such a ripe mix of culture, arts, fashion, and now this week, sports. Read More

Just got back from Art Basel 2010 in Miami Beach where I was fortunate enough to work with some brilliant artists in this video series. The shorts were aired every morning on the website, a luxury site focusing on ...Read More


Well, it's been officially one year since Saturdays has opened their doors on the quietly unassuming lower end of Crosby street. Since then, they have served tons of coffee, and created a covetable line of T-shirts and boardshorts. Read More

PJJ OG with photo

This week is a historic moment in terms of "righting a wrong" committed 100 years ago towards the first black heavyweight in Boxing history, Jack Johnson. Sugar Barons, No Mas, and Barking Irons are hosting a screening of Ken Burns' ...Read More


This video, directed by Jake Sumner, was a carefree art mission equivalent of letting adults just act like little kids. Commissioned by Nike, Artist Jack Greer was given one mandate -- add color to the Nike Stadium locker room. Fire ...Read More


I've been a fan of Allen Benedikt's work for quite some time, collecting his early books printed under 12 oz Prophet. So I was lucky to work with Nike and Alldayeveryday on this Stadium project that hired some of the ...Read More


After months of preparing both the online world and physical space (on the Bowery), Nike Stadium finally launched in New York. The first series which celebrates soccer, sport, art, and passion is called "Order & Progress" -- 2 words which ...Read More