I met Alexi Lubomirski several years ago during my days in print media through mutual publishing circles. I always had a tremendous respect for his photography, his grace under pressure, and his old world charm. Flash forward 15 years, and ...Read More


Chris Habib is one of the few artists we know who deserves to be filed under “interdisciplinary.” The history of his wonderfully subversive creations are too long to list, so we enocurage you to visit his universe, Visitor to better understand ...Read More


Recently, me and my co-director Crystal Moselle were called up by Nowness to create a filmic interpretation of a novel just released by a mutual colleague Christopher Bollen, the Editor for Interview magazine. Read More

The Boombox Project

Lyle Owerko is what you would call an archivist. Without intending to create The Boombox Project, the photographer began amassing a vast collection years ago for his own passion-- saving ghetto-blasters from thrift stores or random "hand-me-downs", just for the ...Read More


The other day, I bumped into an old piece of vinyl in my collection. Truthfully, I bought it just for the artwork. The title seemed funny. The artwork looked old school and austere. Anyway, after several years, I gave it ...Read More