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Gillian Jacobs in an actress that has percolated slowly onto the scene and is someone I interviewed in 2008 with a few indie films under her belt. Today, she's starring in the new Netflix series, Love. Gillian Jacobs Written by: ...Read More


South Africa is under invasion, just like District 9 the movie. Here is a funny video on World cup soccer fans. Read More


I was so pleasantly reminded of Betty White and her under appreciated body of work after that SNL stunt, that I thought I'd dig into another female comedy great. I'm kinda bummed that these types of variety shows no longer ...Read More


Here's a little brief overview of things around the world that caught my attention recently. Read More

betty white

Betty White is a badass. Jimmy Fallon earned huge brownie points for resurrecting this GEM of a woman through a Facebook campaign. Betty says she didn't even know what Facebook was -- "yes, we had poking", says the 88 year ...Read More