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This week is a historic moment in terms of "righting a wrong" committed 100 years ago towards the first black heavyweight in Boxing history, Jack Johnson. Sugar Barons, No Mas, and Barking Irons are hosting a screening of Ken Burns' ...Read More

Communist Party

Everything from China is "tainted with Communism" says this wacky lady from Hacienda Heights in California. Here's a report that's both hilarious yet horrifying on the subject of kids learning Chinese in schools. Can you say, ethnophobia? Read More

Only a few seconds long... this chart is not a sloppy guess. It was heavily researched by National Science Foundation. Take a look at the simulation to wrap your head around the mess. It's not a forecast. Just an estimation ...Read More


Here's a little brief overview of things around the world that caught my attention recently. Read More


Whoever created this page made a wise move. Tumblr layouts are clean, simple, not too busy, and minimalist -- just like The New Yorker magazine itself. Read More


The power of a doodle... especially drawing Islam's Prophet Muhammad. This week, the government of Pakistan is buggin' out on Facebook, and blocking the site because of a page called "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!". Did I mention South Park is ...Read More


Jon Rose is a badass. He's also a friend, pro surfer, and free spirit who wanders the planet with a heart of gold. When the earthquake hit Haiti, he hopped a flight to the island and not only distributed 9,000 ...Read More


According to AP, the biggest national news agency in China, China Xinhua News Network Corp, will set a global launch of its news network, with English language television. Apparently, the Chinese government seriously disapproves of the international coverage on human ...Read More