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Years in the making... and officially launched. Last week was the first Sugar Barons Radio show, weekly selection of latin funk, cuban jazz, boogaloo, and classics. Here's the playlist from my maiden voyage. Read More


20 years after the Berlin wall, The New Museum exhibited more than 50 artists from both the East and West last October 2011. The art was a profound commentary on Communist society. Here's the interview I conducted with the shows ...Read More

Picture 8

"I write today with the great excitement of introducing our recent project in Afghanistan with you" writes Jon Rose, Founder of Waves for Water, who we mentioned last year for his water project in Haiti. Jon is an ex-pro surfer ...Read More


Sometimes, I’m shocked at the wisdom that the Walt Disney Production imparted early in it’s career. Here’s a 1943 animation called Chicken Little, which is an interesting tale posed about stirring the masses through fear-mongering. Dare I say, it’s highly ...Read More


World Food Day is today, October 16th. It's a day to reflect and create a worldwide group hug designed to increase awareness on poverty and it's relationship with food. Better yet, it's a day flooded with news, article, blogs, tip ...Read More


"As it turns out, the fates of sugar and Cuba appear to be the same" writes Ann Louise Bardach on her review of a biography written by John Paul Rathbone on Sugar Baron, Julio Lobo (Lobo means "wolf" in Spanish). Read More


Doc filmmaker Lucy Walker has blossomed into a strong storyteller. This month she is releasing not one, but TWO powerhouse films, each with their own hard topics. I met Lucy years ago on the film festival circuit when she emerged ...Read More


Timothy "Speed" Levitch can be called a mad man. He's also affectionate, cynical, intelligent, depressed and humorous. Most people are freaked out by him. Others see him as the wacky philosopher. Above anything else, Timothy LOVES New York City with ...Read More

5-Esther and an matanal uncle at her shop-lo

This is Akulu. When she was a child, she was abducted to go fight a war in Uganda where she was forced to be a child soldier. She is a tough girl... a survivor. Today we have some good news ...Read More

Here's a good article on the power of Internet. Meet some of the people who are diplomatically engaging via social networks. Read More