Here's a good article on the power of Internet. Meet some of the people who are diplomatically engaging via social networks. Read More


Big "game-changer" in the world of books online. Google is dipping into the book business similar to how Napster dipped into music. It's too long to explain so just read this informative and comprehensive article on how the "Google Book ...Read More


Here's a highlight of videos swimming around my desktop this week. Just a random sampling of new or random things that caught my eye. Read More


Could this be true? Tom Florio, a name synonymous with Conde Nast, is jumping ship after 25 years to go to Hollywood? All the shifts in the air! Things are getting so damn interesting in this print/digital game. Read More


I've been a fan of Allen Benedikt's work for quite some time, collecting his early books printed under 12 oz Prophet. So I was lucky to work with Nike and Alldayeveryday on this Stadium project that hired some of the ...Read More


Whoever created this page made a wise move. Tumblr layouts are clean, simple, not too busy, and minimalist -- just like The New Yorker magazine itself. Read More


LaLa is closing May 31, 2010. Kaput. R.I.P. -- In short, Apple bought LaLa, and is now shutting it down. On this Pac Man anniversary, I'm picturing Apple's monster icon gobbling up LaLa (cue lo-fi game music). The question is, ...Read More


The power of a doodle... especially drawing Islam's Prophet Muhammad. This week, the government of Pakistan is buggin' out on Facebook, and blocking the site because of a page called "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!". Did I mention South Park is ...Read More


A big shuffle was just announced at the New York Times today. The managing editor for print, Jill Abramson, is stepping aside from her duties for 6 months and doing a full immersion on digital operations and strategy. It's sort ...Read More


After months of preparing both the online world and physical space (on the Bowery), Nike Stadium finally launched in New York. The first series which celebrates soccer, sport, art, and passion is called "Order & Progress" -- 2 words which ...Read More