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Tumblr is one of the social channels I tend to enjoy most. I've been working on eBay's Tumblr for the last 3 years, and I find it quite meditative spending late evenings sifting through eBay's closet in order to find ...Read More


The Standard Hotel Culture Site was probably one of my favorite projects. Serving as the Editor-in-Chief upon it's launch, as well it's Development Director, the staff was a delight to work with. My mission was to help capture the voice ...Read More


Chris Habib is one of the few artists we know who deserves to be filed under “interdisciplinary.” The history of his wonderfully subversive creations are too long to list, so we enocurage you to visit his universe, Visitor to better understand ...Read More

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Recently, I bumped into an old project I produced for Daphne Guinness, entitled Phenomenology of Body (2008) inspired by a book she introduced me to, Phenomenology of Spirit. We were both passionate about women's roles and their archetypal dressing throughout ...Read More


Recently, me and my co-director Crystal Moselle were called up by Nowness to create a filmic interpretation of a novel just released by a mutual colleague Christopher Bollen, the Editor for Interview magazine. Read More

It's not every day our minds get blown by an original concept. In this case, the social experiment is entitled The Hip-Hop Word Count (HHWC). Read More


"Everything is free except the video that we capture of you... THAT I own." No, this is not Mark Zuckerberg speaking. It's the words of Josh Harris, the greatest internet pioneer you've never heard of. In honor of The Social ...Read More


This past Fashion week I had a few conversations about 14 year old blogger Tavi Gevinson. She began blogging from runway shows at 12 years old in 2008... and if you can believe it, some fashionistas asked me "Why are ...Read More


5 years after leaving her magazine, Jane, the eternal kid now has her own kid. Where has she been, and what is she plotting? I had lunch with my 'ol mentor recently and poked around to discover she's building a ...Read More


I love a good visionary. Meet Scott Dadich, the man who ushered Conde Nast into the new world, the age of digital. The following article explains how he went from a sketch on a napkin, to the rebuilding of an ...Read More