This is the most talked about video this month. If you haven't seen it yet, take a minute to watch, reflect, and be moved. It's powerful, shocking, and silencing. I won't say too much about it since I feel you ...Read More

Nothing new on the streets, but I thought I would just stand on a mountaintop and scream Jaaayyyyy Electronicccccaaaaa! Been listening to his mixtape Attack of the Clones. Man has good flow, lyrical style. Crazy talent. Read More

You know me... always digging for a cover that is flipped properly. This one has a soothing seductive feel to it. "Addicted to Love" Sung by Florence and the Machine. Read More


This is a video animated by Luigi Pedretti for the song "Questa Vida Loca" by Italian singer, Mina Mazzini. The sound is a bit dramatic, but I like her whiskey soaked melancholic voice... plus I'm a good fan of motion ...Read More


I finally did it. After 4 years of developing the Starworks New Media division, directing my own documentary, and 10+ years working with top magazines-- I decided it's finally time to start my own business… Read More