Picture 45

Last month I was invited to DJ a very cool music video shoot by Director Jennifer DeLia and Producer Julie Pacino. The song is created by the genius African duo, Amadou & Mariam with a collaboration by TV on the ...Read More


By popular demand, here's my Sugar Baron radio show podcasts. Stay tuned for tons of interesting guests -- cuban influentials to cuban-philes. Expect Latin funk from neighboring nations as well as Cuban classics, jazz, boogaloo, mambo's, and anything else I ...Read More

WP-latin issue

Years in the making... and officially launched. Last week was the first Sugar Barons Radio show, weekly selection of latin funk, cuban jazz, boogaloo, and classics. Here's the playlist from my maiden voyage. Read More

The Boombox Project

Lyle Owerko is what you would call an archivist. Without intending to create The Boombox Project, the photographer began amassing a vast collection years ago for his own passion-- saving ghetto-blasters from thrift stores or random "hand-me-downs", just for the ...Read More


Here's a highlight of videos swimming around my desktop this week. Just a random sampling of new or random things that caught my eye. Read More


One of the things that seduced me into DJ'ing the most in the 90's was this concept of collecting, discovering, identifying, and sharing breaks with others of the same passion. It was also the days of flipping through dusty record ...Read More


I'm posting this "mash-up" in honor of unpredictable couplings this Summer... the bad-boy-greaser and goody-two-shoes gettin in on? Danny Zuko and Sandra Dee Olssen were the ultimate mash-up couple. Read More


Banned album art is a fascinating topic. I also find it interesting to discover all the record label politics, reissued images, and economic repercussions of the collector community. Read More


LaLa is closing May 31, 2010. Kaput. R.I.P. -- In short, Apple bought LaLa, and is now shutting it down. On this Pac Man anniversary, I'm picturing Apple's monster icon gobbling up LaLa (cue lo-fi game music). The question is, ...Read More


This band, Sleigh Bells, has been getting alot of hype lately. Right now it's a Brooklyn buzz thing... but it's a strong one. This track here (sounds like its ripped from a demo tape because the recording is fuzzy) is ...Read More