Here's a highlight of videos swimming around my desktop this week. Just a random sampling of new or random things that caught my eye. Read More


Could this be true? Tom Florio, a name synonymous with Conde Nast, is jumping ship after 25 years to go to Hollywood? All the shifts in the air! Things are getting so damn interesting in this print/digital game. Read More


This video, directed by Jake Sumner, was a carefree art mission equivalent of letting adults just act like little kids. Commissioned by Nike, Artist Jack Greer was given one mandate -- add color to the Nike Stadium locker room. Fire ...Read More


After months of preparing both the online world and physical space (on the Bowery), Nike Stadium finally launched in New York. The first series which celebrates soccer, sport, art, and passion is called "Order & Progress" -- 2 words which ...Read More


There's a paint company called Dulux that started a project called "Let's Colour". The goal is simple, take over city walls around the world that need color... a visual therapy if you wall. Color makes people happy. Need I say ...Read More

Screen shot 2010-04-19 at 8.19.50 PM

An art short I helped produce with All Day Every Day when I was at Starworks. Nominated this year for a Webby Award. Directed by Daphne Guinness and David Parker. Read More