Chris Pieretti was an old work colleague of mine back while I served at Jane Magazine. He was on the same floor toiling away at WWD. Occasionally, we'd grab a lunch upstairs and just talk art, film, books, you name ...Read More


Jason Silva is an interesting cat. Before I mention his new doc, allow me to paint his background. At the age of 22, the graduate from University of Miami worked with his friend Max Lugavere to create an experimental film ...Read More


I've been documenting this cool project I've been working on with Alldayeveryday and Nike with a barrage of amazing artists that helped form the Nike Stadium space on the Bowery in downtown New York. Rafael Cardenas is one of the ...Read More


Tori Praver is the surf babe incarnate. Raised in Maui, she's been surfing waves she's been a little girl -- "with a drawer full of bikini's" she says. As she got older, she picked up some modeling gigs, including Sports ...Read More


During the brutal winter last year, some of the coolest downtown dudes I know opened a coffeeshop-surf-shop in the heart of Soho. Nestled on Crosby St, they began humbly selling other surf lines and assembled their barista's for coffee ...Read More

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An art short I helped produce with All Day Every Day when I was at Starworks. Nominated this year for a Webby Award. Directed by Daphne Guinness and David Parker. Read More

Just saw the press screening for the Sundance hit, Cyrus. I'm kinda blown away. The character of Cyrus is played by the force of nature named Jonah Hill of Superbad fame. Jonah is maturing into one of the solid actors ...Read More