This Friday sees the release of a charming independent film named Tasting Menu celebrating exquisite food and the people who travel far to enjoy it. Read More


I met Alexi Lubomirski several years ago during my days in print media through mutual publishing circles. I always had a tremendous respect for his photography, his grace under pressure, and his old world charm. Flash forward 15 years, and ...Read More


In 2012, YouTube launched 100 premium channels. Everyone from Madonna to Jay Z launched a YouTube channel. I was called in to help launch Pharrell Williams' channel. Read More


“There are no coincidences and there are no accidents” says life-coach Catherine Patrick, who mixed past life regression into her sessions. We know this can be an overwhelming thought to face on your next vacation to Miami Beach (at The ...Read More


By popular demand, here's my Sugar Baron radio show podcasts. Stay tuned for tons of interesting guests -- cuban influentials to cuban-philes. Expect Latin funk from neighboring nations as well as Cuban classics, jazz, boogaloo, mambo's, and anything else I ...Read More

The Boombox Project

Lyle Owerko is what you would call an archivist. Without intending to create The Boombox Project, the photographer began amassing a vast collection years ago for his own passion-- saving ghetto-blasters from thrift stores or random "hand-me-downs", just for the ...Read More

It's not every day our minds get blown by an original concept. In this case, the social experiment is entitled The Hip-Hop Word Count (HHWC). Read More


This past Fashion week I had a few conversations about 14 year old blogger Tavi Gevinson. She began blogging from runway shows at 12 years old in 2008... and if you can believe it, some fashionistas asked me "Why are ...Read More


"As it turns out, the fates of sugar and Cuba appear to be the same" writes Ann Louise Bardach on her review of a biography written by John Paul Rathbone on Sugar Baron, Julio Lobo (Lobo means "wolf" in Spanish). Read More


Doc filmmaker Lucy Walker has blossomed into a strong storyteller. This month she is releasing not one, but TWO powerhouse films, each with their own hard topics. I met Lucy years ago on the film festival circuit when she emerged ...Read More