5-Esther and an matanal uncle at her shop-lo

This is Akulu. When she was a child, she was abducted to go fight a war in Uganda where she was forced to be a child soldier. She is a tough girl... a survivor. Today we have some good news ...Read More


What can I say about Angela Boatwright? She is one of the most creative chicks I know. She's been photographing the street/skate/graffiti scene for 13 years now, yet shoots for big clients like Urban Outfitters. Angela is now moving into ...Read More


Here's a highlight of videos swimming around my desktop this week. Just a random sampling of new or random things that caught my eye. Read More


Tonight I went to a little cocktail party held in a special room inside the Thompson Hotel LES, where Married to the Mob founder, Leah McSweeney, invited a few of her close friends to screen her new short film showcasing ...Read More


The 63rd Cannes Film Festival is finally upon us, May 12 to 23rd. Now if you're sunbathing in the back of the swanky Hotel Du Cap (breathtaking view), and are debating to go see that movie in town, you can ...Read More

A cool little video I produced for The New York Times at Art Basel last year. Crystal Moselle directed it, and Dan Martensen took all the portraits for us. Good times! Read More

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An art short I helped produce with All Day Every Day when I was at Starworks. Nominated this year for a Webby Award. Directed by Daphne Guinness and David Parker. Read More

Here's 40 Inspirational Speeches that are cinematic gold... be it James Stewart in Mr.Smith Goes to Washington to James Belushi in Animal House, you know you were rooting for the protagonist during his emotional zenith... leading up to that pot ...Read More

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Released in late January this year, Spike did a brilliant 30 minute short film entitled I'm Here. What's more interesting is the fact this seems like a branded content idea sponsored by Absolut. An excellent example that brands can indeed ...Read More

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A Sugar Barons Production. This was the baby I nursed for years. The documentary is now available to rent or purchase at iTunes or Amazon.com. Stay tuned for a lifetime of creative Cuban projects from the belly of Sugar Barons. Read More